Felt and technique

I would like to take you along with me into the world of felt.

Felting is an ancient technique to make textiles. Wool, hot water, soap and friction are all that you need.

What is felt for me?  A passion ! It is soothing, innovative and ideal to expressing feelings.

Time and time  again I am fascinated by the endless possibilities that this technology offers, from transparent scarves to light and sturdy hats, bags, blankets, pillows, clothing, tapestries, accessories, gems, etc ... the processing of other materials with felt. It is an infinte world of creativity.

I regularly go to workshops with other major felters to get more skilled and to get acquainted with new techniques.

If you are interested you can follow a three afternoon cours for a basic training in felting or a one  day workshop.  Flat-, round and template felting is taught and with these techniques a new world will be opening up.

In later workhops other techniques will be taught, both for more experienced or novice students.

My goal is to guide the students by giving workshops, pass on my passion for felting, so that the students, with the experience gained, can submit their own soul in their work.