Welcome to the Atelier Elledee website

How it grew … 

In 1994 I discovered silk painting.  In various workshops I grew acquainted with the techniques as there are : aquarel, batik, shibori, screenprint, monotype, …

After a long search, I developped my own style, based on using and mixing diverse techiques starting from the batik. Combining complementary colours in smaller and greater surfaces to form an abstract, yet still referring to an figurative idea, work was and is the basic point.  Lots of scarfs or individual silk paintings originated as such.

And yet, there was still something missing : the workmanship, manipulating materials, ...

Until 2001, when I learned to felt.  That was what I was looking for!  Creating out of the basic materials like wool, soap and water a scarf or another work ... a whole new universe of possibilities opened itself to me.  Nunofelting - a technique of felting wool or other fibers on a silk canvas, was quite a revelation.  In the meanwhile I got to know other techniques which just enhanced the pleasure in creating new works.

However felting is an age-old manner of working with textile and fibers, the possibilities are infinit.  You can not imagine what can be done merely with wool, water and soap to create a world of your own.  Scarfs, hats and hoods, ornaments such as flowers, jewels, placemats, ... with some ingenuity you can combine without limits and as such put all your creativity in it.

With pleasure, I want to share my enthousiasm for felting with everyone.  Interested in a workshop, you want to organise a special birthday party for your children and their friends, just contact me.  I also do events for companies and organisations.

For further information, just surf on this site.